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Over 2000 testimonials.

We have worked with over 900 companies from one-man businesses to multinational corporations and produced over 2000 video testimonials. 

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Global video production team.

Our international team of professional videographers and production coordinators produce video content worldwide. 

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An effortless production process.

It only requires an hour of your time. Let us know which client you would like to feature on the testimonial and we take care of the rest. 

Why testimonials?

According to research, only 14% of prospective clients base their purchasing decisions on the information provided in ads. 

As consumers, we make decisions every day. In the world of countless alternatives and unlimited sources of information, we look for reviews and recommendations to make the right choice.

77% would be willing to try a new product or service if someone they can relate to recommends it. 

The best way to convince a prospective client is a recommendation from someone who already purchased from you.

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We make it easy for you 

The production process only requires an hour of your time.

When starting the production, we'll have a short kick-off meeting with you to go through your requests. After that we schedule and organize the video shoot, interview your client and edit a 2-minute customer testimonial video. 

When both you and the client have approved the video, we offer a free online training session for your team to share best practices on how to use testimonials effectively in sales and marketing.

It's risk-free!

We take responsibility for the results of this project and happily offer a satisfaction guarantee. You get a full refund if the material does not meet your expectations.

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Our story

Trustmary was founded on the vision of trust as the most essential asset in business. In two years, we have grown into an international organization with offices in Finland, Sweden and the USA. Our global network of videographers is ready for action in North America, Europe and Australia. 

We believe in authenticity, responsibility and constant development. We are here to help our clients succeed by creating trust in their business. 

What do our clients think about us?

Bjorn Freudenthal

Puustelli USA

"Video testimonials get the attention of our prospective clients because people want to hear from people. When they hear an experience coming from a real client, it's a different proposition than an ad. 

I would absolutely recommend this service to any company that has both the product and the service component to it, to help tell their story. It has been very effective." 

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Kirsti Laasio


"We are constantly expanding to new market areas and use testimonials to convince our potential customers on the benefits and the different ways to use our service in their daily business.

We have done several projects from the Nordics to Southern Europe and North America. They have taken care of us in a very good manner and we can say that we are really happy with the partnership." 

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