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Customer testimonials

Customer testimonials

Verified video testimonials to convince your prospective clients and close more deals.

Employee testimonials

Employee testimonials

Career stories to build a stronger employer brand and attract talent that fits your company culture.

Authentic & effective marketing

Only 14% of us base purchasing decisions on ads. In fact, most of us don't even like being marketed to. Rather than a mere transaction, we look for a relationship - an experience that will add to our lives. 

A video testimonial is an effective tool to engage, delight and convince your prospective clients and to build trust.

The same applies to recruitment: the best brand ambassador is your satisfied employee.

Authentic & effective marketing


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Employee Testimonial

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One hour meeting

Easy & effortless for you

We only need an hour of your time to go through your requests for the video material. 

We take care of the rest: we schedule and organize the video shoot, interview your client (or employee) and edit a 2-minute testimonial video. Finally, we send it to both you and the interviewee for approval.

Our video crew operates all across Europe and North America. 

100% satisfaction guarantee

We are responsible for the success of the project. For you, it's risk free: if the material does not meet your expectations, you get a new video or a full refund. 

100% satisfaction guarantee
Free online training and support

Free online training and support

We want you to get the most out of your investment. 

When the material is ready, we offer free online training with our customer success team to go through the different ways to use testimonials in marketing and sales.

Why Testimonials?
Puustelli USA Bjorn Freudenthal

Bjorn Freudenthal

Puustelli USA

"Video testimonials get the attention of our prospective clients because people want to hear from people. When they hear an experience coming from a real client, it's a different proposition than an ad."

HappyOrNot Kirsti Laasio

Kirsti Laasio

Happy Or Not

"We are constantly expanding to new market areas and use testimonials to convince our potential customers on the benefits and the different ways to use our service in their daily business."


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